We’re on a mission to connect: TALENT with OPPORTUNITIES.

FitList is a job platform that connects talent with opportunities within the fitness, endurance and health and wellness industries. The team consists of industry vets dedicated to creating the most effective solution for both those hiring and the professionals seeking opportunities.


Paul Buijs
Paul is a military veteran and former federal law enforcement officer turned fitness marketer. He has helped brands such as Spartan Race and Reebok connect with thousands of customers. As a VP of Operations for a growing national boutique fitness studio chain, he quickly saw the need for a better recruiting tool.

As a fitness studio manager, Paul realized there wasn't one definitive place to source talent for the health and wellness and endurance industries. Craigslist is great for dumping old furniture but not so good for hiring fitness professionals.  FitList's mission is to be the best source of jobs and talent in the industry. The best brands and the best talent in one place.  We want to provide hiring managers with an easy way to track and communicate with applicants at a very reasonable price.

Paul B. Fit Events Inc. Founder
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