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Afterburn Fitness offers high intensity training facilities throughout southern California. We are constantly looking to add the best coaches in the business. Out idea of “best” doesn’t always mean the most experienced either. We are looking for motivated and driven individuals who are looking to inspire people through health and fitness. Our company is growing quickly and so we are also looking for people that want to grow with the company. Afterburn is a community of people; trainers, staff, and members alike that believe a strong foundation in health and fitness is the foundation for almost everything else in your life. We believe that when you have the energy and the confidence that being fit can bring you, then anything else is possible. The energy at Afterburn Fitness is contagious. Our members inspire, help, and welcome all newcomers into our facility. The level of camaraderie is unmatched as is the knowledge, motivation, energy, and intensity that our

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October 25, 2018