Bear Grips

About Bear Grips

Located North of Boston, In Peabody, MA, We Design Unique Fitness accessories, for Cross Fitters, Gym Goers, Olympic Lifters, Bodybuilders, Power Lifters, Obstacle Course Racers, Athletes, & Fitness Enthusiasts. We design all of our gear based on the feedback of actual users, we buy material in bulk and actually create the product from scratch and via designs that aids in peak performance and output. We source the highest quality materials and use tester gyms and users to confirm the best types for their movements. We are also mindful of what is available for purchase now from other brands, and dissect how we can improve the function and performance of the product(s). We do daily demos & event through gyms and Cross fits throughout New England, and educate user’s how gear is made, what it’s function, why you should use it and proper size and fit them. To date we have done over 1000 demos at various gyms.

Company Information

September 16, 2018