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About Loud Rumor

At Loud Rumor, we help fitness studios & independent gyms grow and get more customers. We do this with massive lead generation supported by sales training.

Here at Loud Rumor, our team works hard to challenge the marketing industry for fitness studios and gyms. We see the passion and time that most business owners put into their studios each day, and know that many of them could and should be doing much better. The question is… “how?”

Over the last few years, many fitness studio and gym owners realized that they needed to prepare for the current generation and the generations to come. The internet is in the hands of more and more people each day, and people have gotten good at using it to find what they want and need. The fitness businesses that come to us know that it’s an important part of their growth strategy and want to avoid getting left behind by competitors. Most marketing companies can do a good job of ranking a business to the top of search engines for good quality keywords, be it organically or through paid search. But that’s typically where the service stops. Here at Loud Rumor, that is not where we stop. In fact, the fun part is what comes next!

Company Information

December 6, 2018