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About Mark Fisher Fitness

Mark Fisher Fitness is NOT for everyone – and we’re not afraid to say it. We believe the key to a positive health and hotness experience is great coaching and program design in a fun, inclusive atmosphere. However, we fully understand not everyone will find our style of training or zany fun to be for them. We tend to curse a lot, we tell a lot of silly (and often risqué) jokes as teaching tools, and we spend as much time laughing as we do grunting with effort. We don’t use (or believe in) fancy machines, we prize technique and safety over simply getting exhausted, and we believe in training HARD and actually getting results. If this isn’t for you, we wish you the best in your fitness journey! But if you think you’d benefit from some quality time with ridiculous humans who are serious about fitness… we just might be a match made in fitness heaven. (The MFF team gives you a warm hug followed by a crisp high five.)

Company Information

December 2, 2018
Paul B. Fit Events Inc. Founder
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