About mēle

mēle is a wellness-focused food brand. we’ve created a balanced meal in a shake for your busy lifestyle. our all-natural shakes are made of dried fruits, vegetables, nuts, and protein, which means mēle tastes real (ahem, real delicious). SHAKEN. NOT STIRRED. mix powder with 8 oz of water or milk in a shaker bottle. EVERYTHING YOU NEED. NOTHING YOU DON’T. non-gmo. no preservatives, added sugar, trans fats, or soy. BUH-BYE MEAL PREP. it takes less than 30 seconds to make. mix & go. we’re building mēle with the mission of enabling everyone to live a life that is happy, wholesome, and honest. you can find us on Amazon, Anthropologie, or meleshake.com. our plant-based line is coming soon!

Company Information

December 27, 2018