Performix House

About Performix House

OUR ROOTS Corr-Jensen Inc. is a leading manufacturer and marketer of health and wellness products in the nutrition supplements, food and beverage categories with office locations in NYC and Denver, CO. Since 2008, we have been innovative game changers building the next generation of consumer healthy lifestyle products for a rapidly changing world, established to build health and wellness brands that enable consumers to live fit and healthy lifestyles. Popularized by our industry leading brand, PERFORMIX, known for our TERRA technology innovation designed for performance, it exists for people who are driven and “crush it in fitness and in life”. PERFORMIX HOUSE The launch of Performix House signifies the “Most Progressive Fitness Space for the Most Progressive Fitness Types”. Our mission is to create a premium fitness lifestyle space offering membership-based personal training and collective group fitness classes with top-tier trainers and instructors as well as recovery amenities such as cryotherapy, infrared sauna, and physical therapy. The purpose of our space is to create an exclusive, fitness-driven social environment where elite trainers, athletes, instructors and fitness enthusiasts gather for shared experiences that bring their brand and the Performix brand to life. The space exudes what it means to achieve greatness in all areas of life. THE TEAM Overall, our founders, employees, trainers, instructors and clients are obsessive about achieving greatness in all areas of life. They are athletes, competitors, professionals, and have a holistic take on fitness and health. They are taste-makers and know that greatness can always be achieved with passion. They value one-on-one experiences because they understand the benefit and how it drives them in fitness and life. Our first location will open in Union Square area, launching Fall 2017.

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