About Trodo


Trotó is a greek word that means vulnerability. To achieve great things, you must first have the courage to put yourself out there, to be vulnerable. Vulnerability is a trait that can be cultivated by anyone. It’s a mentality of trial that confidently and calmly risks failure in the pursuit of progress, often built on the foundation of a supporting community. The grit developed through a life-long commitment to vulnerability elevates our self-worth and quality of life.


We dramatically improve mental, emotional and physical wellbeing through myndJIVE, a life-changing mindset program, and Trodo at Work, a team-based fitness program to build character and transform health. We believe that everyone, across all socioeconomic levels, deserves to have access to life-changing resources and unwavering support to live the healthiest lives possible. From our pursuits to empower people through fitness, it’s now clear that people need a different kind of help. People need help building the skills to manage their mindsets to shift towards improved fitness and/or nutrition, and to show up stress-free, mindful and full of joy every day.

We’re now focused on creating a movement — by getting myndJIVE into the hands of millions of people. It’s the first step-by-step, relevant and raw roadmap, empowering people to manage their mindset to create a new sense of calm, discipline and happiness — and to truly embrace their bad ass selves…in just weeks.

Company Information

September 20, 2018