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Zenergy Cycling is Charleston’s first boutique indoor cycling studio. Each 45-minute class is designed to be inspiring and motivational with a clean environment and superior customer service. At Zenergy Cycling, each workout is designed to benefit the entire body with high-energy music and motivational instructors. When you get on a bike at Zenergy Cycling you can let loose, clear your head and empower yourself with strength and power At Zenergy Cycling we offer three types of classes; Zenergy, Zenergy 101, and Zenergy BURST. In Zenergy, you will climb, sprint, jog, and dance. This class is designed for our accustomed riders and high energy fanatics! Zenergy 101 is designed just for beginners! This class will give you the special attention that you need to learn the basics, improve your form, and change your body mentally and physically. Zenergy BURST is a 45-minute class put into 30 minutes. This class is designed for the rider that may have a lot on the agenda. Come ready to SWEAT, INSPIRE, and TRANSFORM.

Company Information

Thank You and Goodbye
First and foremost, I want to thank you for either placing your blind faith in us by being a FitList customer, willing to try us out as a beta client, or using the platform to find a job.

Until today I have been trying to get two fitness sites off the ground - our job board fitlist.com and fitevents.com - an event discovery site and the only site of its kind to list all relevant fitness and endurance events in one place (please check it out!). 

I am not Elon Musk or Jack Dorsey (not yet anyway). I lack the bandwidth or capital to get two sites from zero to scale at the same time. While the traffic is admittedly flat for fitlist.com everything is pointing up and to the right at fitevents.com. A founder never has a clear answer when to shut an endeavor down but I believe the time is right to focus everything on the one that is kicking ass and I have made the decision to stop operating FitList. 

It's not just about dollars and cents for me. If that were the case I probably should have looked outside of fitness to build something.  As I was passionate about both fitness events and helping people find awesome jobs in the fitness and endurance space in both cases I built the platforms to scratch my own itch. 

I am confident I am building something unique on the event side. However, if I were to find a job in the fitness space now, I would point people to the team at Talent Hack. They are truly committed to the cause of connecting the fitness community with opportunities and talent.  Through them, I just found a great opportunity that I'm excited about.  They have been carefully and strategically growing their platform since 2015.

If you are interested in owning the fitlist.com domain name or site, it is up for auction at flippa with a starting bid of $1. 

Thanks again for your support and I look forward to seeing or meeting all of you in a random gym, on a trail or at an upcoming HYROX event (ask me about a gym discount for your team).   


Paul Buijs, fitlist.com
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