BKBeasts Coach at Brooklyn Boulders – Queensbridge, NY


Brooklyn Boulders opened on September 9, 2009 in Gowanus, built out of the old Daily News Garage with a passionate group of early adopters. From there, an incredible community was born, and we realized we had something special on our hands- BKB was more than a climbing gym, it was a second home for many to bring their passions to life. Each Brooklyn Boulders thereafter became an improved iteration, and we’re continuing to innovate to inspire people to live their best lives possible, through physical potential, arts and culture, innovation and diversity.

We live and breathe our core values – they are the heart of what makes Brooklyn Boulders.

GET WEIRD             Be yourself. BKB is your creative playground.

CO-CREATE             Trust your team. Results are stronger when we collaborate.

BE RELENTLESS             Attitude is everything.Take risks. Fall hard. Get back up.

MAKE IT BEAUTIFUL                 Create something extraordinary. Be proud to share it. Never stop improving.

MAKE IT AN OPEN HOUSE PARTY             Encourage diversity and inclusion

WE ARE: Combining work, life, and play. We’re creating and fostering a diverse community of climbers, creatives, fitness enthusiasts, and entrepreneurs all under one roof. Our community is our lifeblood. Whether it’s through special events, climbing classes, or everyday interactions in our collaborative workspaces, our work is motivated by our commitment to providing them with inspiring experiences and exceptional opportunities.


Coaching for the BKBeasts presents the opportunity to connect with our BKB Kids core values in their purest form; relaying your passion for rock climbing to our youth community. Getting weird with curriculum ideas, co-creating with your fellow coaches, being relentless in your passion for teaching, helping to make our kids “technically beautiful” climbers, exhibiting a great attitude (both on and off the clock) and lastly, inspiring your kids and fellow coaches to push for more; these are the foundation elements of the BKBeasts.

It’s time to get weird with Brooklyn Boulders.


    • Be respectful to fellow coaches, Beasts, and parents at all times.
    • Be a good representative of Brooklyn Boulders and the BKBeasts when climbing at BKB, other facilities, and outside.
    • Be on time to practices and competitions; coaches must be present for a pre-practice meeting to discuss curriculum and questions. The Team Manager and Head Coach will not be running these meetings weekly; it is the responsibility of the coaches to ensure this happens.
    • Be proactive about the coaching curriculum: ask questions, give suggestions, make adjustments where necessary.
  • Be on time for your coaches meetings, practices and competitions
  • Be prompt (reply within one day/24 hours) with email responses from your Head Coach, Team Manager, fellow coaches or parents/Beasts.
  • Keep yourself current and informed with the training techniques both outside of and within the curriculum.
  • Be an active climber
    • It is our expectation that you will be focussed on training throughout the climbing season. Coaches of the JC and CT teams should actively use the training curriculums for these teams to give you insight at team practice, comps and climbing sessions.
  • Maintain/create relationship(s) with team parents.
  • Keep Team Manager informed of any bad/good behavior amongst BKBeasts. Written warnings must be given to team parents immediately after an incident occurs
    • Written warnings contain details of the incident at team practice along with methods used by the coach to diffuse the situation. The coach should use the contact list to send an e-mail to the parent with the above information directly after the incident occurs. Coaches must CC the Team Manager.The Team Manager should be informed when this happens as well.
  • Do not participate in risky behavior while in Brooklyn Boulders or another facility: ensure that fellow coaches and BKBeasts are following the gyms safety procedures (i.e. standing under climbers, running, purposefully falling in an uncontrolled manner, etc.)
  • Take pictures/videos of the Beasts while training and promo shots/videos of yourselves for our sponsors (Adidas Outdoor and La Sportiva) and for BKB.
  • Remain drug and alcohol free while on the premises or at other gyms/climbing outside.
  • Each coach must give equal attention to all members of the BKBeasts (no favoritism).

Seasonal Policies:

  • Each Jr. Competitive and Competitive training team coach must make themselves available for a minimum of two comps (as per the competition schedule given out at the start of each season).
  • This does not mean you will absolutely be scheduled for these comps, but you must be available.
  • Each coach may have two personal/vacation days off practice per season. Personal days must be requested by the coach at the start of the season. Requests go directly to the Team Manager and submission dates will be considered.
  • Each coach may have one sick day per season.
    • Sick days qualify as last-minute, no prior planning days where the coach calls out of practice. Notice must still be given day-of to the Team Manager. Coaches should exhaust all avenues to find coverage for their team practice.
  • Each coach must finish out the full 12 week or 13 week coaching season once the season has begun.


  • Extensive rock climbing experience, including both sport climbing and bouldering
  • A desire to pass on your knowledge and experience
  • Previous experience working with youth climbers


  • Always learning and improving, both in their climbing and coaching abilities
  • Focussed on giving lessons, not beta.
  • An inspiration to young athletes and provides good role model behaviour.

Though our Team Members come from a wide range of experiences and are as unique as our business, we are all united under our ultimate promise: belonging and inspiration through experiences that engage imagination, passion, and physical potential! If you’re excited by the prospect of co-creating with a hard-working, driven team of individuals, we’re excited to talk with you about a future at Brooklyn Boulders.

Paul B. Fit Events Inc. Founder
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