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Rumble is searching for the next generation of leaders in the fitness industry! Rumble is a 45-minute, 10-round, strength and conditioning class based on the sweet science of boxing that has quickly become one of the most popular workouts in New York City, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Philadelphia and Washington DC. As a Manager of one of our studios, you will work in a fast-paced, fun environment and learn how to run a successful business –everything from customer service & hospitality, operations, marketing/social media, retail, to human resources.
While we do expect our Managers to bring experience in these fields, you will also be working alongside veterans in the business to hone your managerial and operational skills. Because Rumble is a rapidly growing business, Managers have an unprecedented opportunity to grow within areas of interest and the company in general as we expand into new markets.
You’re passionate. You care about empowering every client at Rumble, serving and empowering your community, and empowering your employees by building an identifiable workplace culture
You’re creative and logical. Your right brain talks to your left brain in-sync, and you can come up with innovative ideas to elevate the business and day-to-day operations.
You’re a ferocious communicator. No question or task is too small, and all of the details matter! You understand email etiquette, and you can make your point to even the most difficult of listeners.
Ability to pull together a team. You make the weakest link strong and are fearless in communication. You have the ability to have awkward conversations in order to effectively lead a team to get behind the mission and goals.
Create an empowering environment. You bring great ideas to the table in order to build a fun, and empowering work environment. We strive for a best-idea-wins culture, and we love implementing fresh, new ideas that will elevate our place in the market.
Desirous. You are eager for growth in various areas within the Rumble brand.
Developed skills to motivate. You can build a team of leaders to help your location run smoothly and efficiently.
Ability to perform the physical requirements of the position.
Qualified candidates must have proven leadership in the group fitness industry, with at least one year of management experience preferred.
Manage the Overall Facility.  Directly responsible for all day-to-day operations within studio, including: coordinator scheduling and operations, maintenance scheduling and operations, tracking supply levels, and overseeing facility repairs and maintenance.
Business Development.  Identify the business trends in your community and react quickly to the needs of the business.
Development for all Leadership Positions.  Mentor and develop a strong team of invested employees. Develop “majors” for employees based on their strengths and desires. As the manager of the studio, you are also each employee’s chief supporter.
Scheduling. Create logical shift schedules for the coordinators and maintenance staff based on availability. Oversee and schedule all training dates for new hires. For special events or projects, schedule and coordinate to make sure deadlines and timelines are met.
Retail. Manage retail deliveries and displays. Oversee inventory management and work with retail to request merchandise.
Supplies. Oversee the order of all supplies, including: water, wraps, gloves, locker room amenities, towels, cleaning supplies, etc.
Manage Financials in Labor Spending.  Work with Ops team to better understand financials and labor costs.
Manage Supply and Project Spending.  Work with Ops team to better understand supply and project spending.
Reporting.  Work to achieve weekly financial goals set forth by the operations and finance teams.
Hire, Train and Onboard. Understand your need, and fill positions with eager, friendly, and appropriate staff. Build a team that can help you meet your expectations and goals.
Running Great Shifts.  Actively run shifts to ensure all customers have their ideal and consistent Rumble experience.
Talent Manager Support. Work with talent manager to ensure all facets of class operations are consistently up to brand standard. Support management of trainers.
Marketing Initiatives.  Work with marketing team to understand marketing and social media strategy, content, and engagement. Work with events team to execute events and ensure timelines and objectives are being met.  Actively voice your creative side and incorporate your ideas.
Action Plans.  Create action plans as needed for monitoring the financial shortcomings of the space, create community outreach, and utilize direct marketing work with marketing team.
Active Delegator.  Delegate tasks, as necessary, to people on your team to help you execute your objectives and goals.
Works with Corporate. Support Human Resource initiatives, including: actively working on progressive discipline, maintaining and updating employee files, actively cross train the team to grow the location operations, and directly develop all individuals working toward their next career step.
Full array of Health benefits, competitive pay, stock incentive program, discounted branded retail, and complimentary Rumble classes!
Paul B. Fit Events Inc. Founder
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