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  • Personal Training Manager Job Description:

    The primary objective of the Personal Training Manager is to actively manage and supervise our Personal Trainers, and provide managerial-level support to our Personal Trainers, in order to maximize the number of members who participate in and retain our paid Personal Training Services. This will be accomplished by managing, motivating, and properly supporting the Personal Trainers to meet and exceed both new client acquisition and existing client retention goals.

    The Personal Training Manager is responsible for communicating and upholding company standards, coaching, training and supervising our Personal Trainers to meet or exceed our standards, and leading by example.  The Personal Training Manager will ensure that team members consistently execute the basics of punctuality, dress code compliance, friendliness and cleanliness.

    In order to effectively execute and fulfill the responsibilities of the role, required elements of the job include the following:

    • The Personal Training Manager must have a physical presence in the club a minimum of 5 days per week. The Personal Training Manager is the supervisor of all the Personal Trainers, and must timely respond to client needs and complaints, and therefore, should not be absent from the location more than 2 days in a row.  While work hours may vary on a daily basis, the Personal Training Manager is generally expected to work approximately 40 hours a week, with more time expected during busy seasons, monthly close outs, or when the business has been underperforming and needs to be improved.
    • The Personal Training Manager must provide managerial-level member support. Customer complaints and customer service issues must be fielded, responded to, and successfully resolved within 24 to 48 hours, and the Personal Training Manager must exercise their discretion so as to attempt to resolve issues promptly and amicably.  The aim is to respond same day, but if that is not possible, contact should be made by the next day.
    • The Personal Training Manager must actively and regularly use their discretion to address scheduling of Personal Trainer sessions, and allocate resources so as to maximize sales, address Personal Trainers’ needs, and facilitate high customer satisfaction.
    • The Personal Training Manager must regularly provide support, guidance, structure and oversight to Personal Trainers.
    • The Personal Training Manager must actively and regularly supervise Personal Trainers, and monitor their performance to ensure our company standards are being met. The Personal Training Manager will exercise their discretion with respect to supervision and management, and will be required to submit recommendations for changes in personnel or a Personal Trainer’s status where warranted.
    • The Personal Training Manager must also regularly generate data and reports as required, including with respect to sales, membership status and changes over time, and concerning the Personal Trainers. The Personal Training Manager is also expected to make recommendations for meeting or exceeding sales targets to the General Manager based upon their observations and this data.

    Qualifications & Skills:

    • Knowledge, Skills & Abilities:
      • o Must possess managerial experience
      • o Must be able to exercise their discretion without active direct supervision
      • o Knowledge of Personal Training techniques and program design
      • o Knowledge and command of Crunch programs, like VFP, dotFit, ABC/Datatrak, Crunch U, Styku, etc.
      • o Muscle be able to adjust and operate all club equipment
      • o Experience in coaching/motivating groups
      • o Strong leadership, interpersonal & communication skills
      • o Able to generate, maintain, & demonstrate a friendly, enthusiastic & positive attitude
      • o Possesses a strong member service focus
      • o Responds professionally to requests and inquiries from guests, members, and staff
    • Education Level:
      • o High School Diploma or GED required
      • o Bachelor’s Degree preferred
      • o Current CPR
    • Certifications (One or more of the following):
      • o ACSM Certified Personal Trainer
      • o ACE Personal Trainer Certification
      • o The Cooper Institute Personal Trainer Certification
      • o IFPA Personal Fitness Trainer Certification
      • o NASM Certified Personal Trainer, Corrective Exercise Specialist, or Performance Enhancement Specialist
      • o NESTA Personal Fitness Trainer Certification
      • o NFPT Personal Trainer Certification
      • o NSCA Certified Personal Trainer or Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist
    • Experience:
      • o 1-2 Years as a Personal Trainer preferred
      • o Preferred: Prior management experience in retail/hospitality industry leading 3-10 employees
      • o Preferred: Consultative sales experience
    • Physical Requirements:
      • o Ability to work in club office; move about club floors and rooms; review, revise, and create club paperwork; communicate with employees, members and the public
      • o Regularly required to demonstrate or explain proper physical fitness activities, techniques and procedures. Regularly required to lift up to 50 pounds

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Thank You and Goodbye
First and foremost, I want to thank you for either placing your blind faith in us by being a FitList customer, willing to try us out as a beta client, or using the platform to find a job.

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I am not Elon Musk or Jack Dorsey (not yet anyway). I lack the bandwidth or capital to get two sites from zero to scale at the same time. While the traffic is admittedly flat for everything is pointing up and to the right at A founder never has a clear answer when to shut an endeavor down but I believe the time is right to focus everything on the one that is kicking ass and I have made the decision to stop operating FitList. 

It's not just about dollars and cents for me. If that were the case I probably should have looked outside of fitness to build something.  As I was passionate about both fitness events and helping people find awesome jobs in the fitness and endurance space in both cases I built the platforms to scratch my own itch. 

I am confident I am building something unique on the event side. However, if I were to find a job in the fitness space now, I would point people to the team at Talent Hack. They are truly committed to the cause of connecting the fitness community with opportunities and talent.  Through them, I just found a great opportunity that I'm excited about.  They have been carefully and strategically growing their platform since 2015.

If you are interested in owning the domain name or site, it is up for auction at flippa with a starting bid of $1. 

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